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Private Geology Hikes in the Pikes Peak Region


Our private hiking tours are the perfect way to fully experience and learn about the amazing geology found in the region. From minerals and rocks, to faults and fossils, we will uncover the secrets of Colorado’s past. Together, we’ll see evidence of Colorado’s beginnings, its burial under ancient seas and deserts, the emergence of majestic mountains, and how today’s spectacular landscape formed! 

All tours will experience:

  • Beautiful scenic views from mountains to canyons

  • Learning to identify our local minerals and other features in the rocks

  • Discovery of fossils that highlight Colorado's amazing geologic past

  • Finding a great variety of sedimentary, metamorphic, and intrusive rock types

  • Exploring a fault zone and seeing different fault examples

  • Understanding of how today's majestic Rocky Mountains formed

  • A fun and memorable "Colorado" experience!

Customize: As a private tour, we can customize our site visits to emphasize specific interests you may have. Just contact us at with any requests.

Details:  Private hiking tours are limited to a maximum group size of 4 guests. Our tours start in Colorado Springs and are offered as either a half day (3-4 hrs) or full day (6-8 hrs) adventure. Each tour will explore multiple geologic sites with hikes of varying length,  accommodating beginner to advanced levels.

​Departure time: 8:00 am April-October (All tours), 9:00am Nov-March (half day tours only offered).

Availability: Please contact us with requested date (for best chance of booking a tour please provide at least one alternative date as well).

Price: Half Day Tour - $350 for up to the maximum group size of 4 persons

             Full Day Tour - $595 for up to the maximum group size of 4 persons

*All tours include a rental day pack, trekking poles, bottled water, trail snacks, and use of field equipment.

Meeting location: Garden of the Gods Trading Post

(see map below)

Custom tours must be scheduled at least one week out. If less than one week please call us to check availability.

Geology hikes are led by Eric Billmeyer. He has over 15 years of experience teaching and leading groups in the exploration of Colorado's geology.
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