Volcanic Gems

Geology Hike

On this interpretive geology tour we will hike 2.8 miles through the volcanic rocks of Golden's North Table Mountain, accompanied by an experienced geologist who will teach you all about the rocks and the geologic history of the Rocky Mountains.  These rocks formed from lava flows that erupted out of a volcano over 60 million years ago! You will learn to identify rocks and minerals and see details in the rocks that would never be obvious to the untrained eye. The hike ends at a site where geodes with zeolite crystals can be viewed within the rocks.

(Note: Park resources are protected. Geodes can be viewed, touched, and photographed, but collecting of geodes is prohibited.)

Round-trip length: 2.8 miles
Elevation gain: 500 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: Year-round

Bottled water and trail snacks are included.

Departure times: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Meeting location: North Table Mountain, Ulysses Way Trail Access

(see map below)

Online bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance. For same day requests please call our office to check availability.

Hikes fill up fast in the summer, so booking in advance is highly recommended!

Volcanic Gems Guides

Dr. Roxana Safipour
"Dr. Rox" earned her PhD from Colorado School of Mines and has spent 6+ years working as a geologist in the gold mining industry.
Bill Stone
Bill has BS and MS degrees in Geology and worked for over 30 years as a professional geologist.  He also leads tours for the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado, and loves to share the joys of Colorado’s geology with everyone!
Mark Leatherman
Mark holds an M.S. in geology. He teaches geology and chemistry at the college level, and also has experience in ore deposit exploration.
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